Sweet September

I didn't mean to disappear from my sketch blog...but I did.   I found it was time to roll up my sleeves  and created a book dummy for that little badger I love so much.  (that took some time to do.)  Here is a peek at what my desk looked like...


And now I'm scribbling ideas for another one.  : ) 


Sharing my messy warm up sketch. I'm using the back side of my daughter's old classwork, I like to doodle up the paper before tossing them in recycle.   I have the book Sarah So Small on my mind. (illustrated by Quentin Greban, one of my favorite illustrators.) Just letting my mind wander a bit before I settle down to work on my book dummy of a completely different kind of story. 

Feb. 28, 2016

Sharing some morning scribbles.  I find doodling, scribbling little somethings clears my mind so I can refocus.  I'm taking a visual narrative workshop with someone I truly admire and in the process creating a picture book dummy I hope to have ready to submit this summer.  I will share pieces of my dummy book in time...but as it develops, and I hold it close to my heart, I'll share these random scribbles, my warm up for the day ahead. : ) 


January 10, 2016

It's my little nephew's baptism day.  It's a special day filled with family and friends lots of love and pride.  I'm about to wake up my little family to begin our day, and get ready to travel down to be with everyone. Here is a itty bitty quick sketch to wish you all a special day!

January 8, 2016

This is a quick sketch and value study with a bit of character exploration.  I'm working on a new story with a character who stirs things up a bit.   I like the idea of a little weasel because, he is a  bit mischievous yet still holds an innocent charm.  Anyway..Here is one of the quick sketches I'm playing with.