Sweet September

I didn't mean to disappear from my sketch blog...but I did.   I found it was time to roll up my sleeves  and created a book dummy for that little badger I love so much.  (that took some time to do.)  Here is a peek at what my desk looked like...


And now I'm scribbling ideas for another one.  : ) 


Sharing my messy warm up sketch. I'm using the back side of my daughter's old classwork, I like to doodle up the paper before tossing them in recycle.   I have the book Sarah So Small on my mind. (illustrated by Quentin Greban, one of my favorite illustrators.) Just letting my mind wander a bit before I settle down to work on my book dummy of a completely different kind of story. 

Feb. 28, 2016

Sharing some morning scribbles.  I find doodling, scribbling little somethings clears my mind so I can refocus.  I'm taking a visual narrative workshop with someone I truly admire and in the process creating a picture book dummy I hope to have ready to submit this summer.  I will share pieces of my dummy book in time...but as it develops, and I hold it close to my heart, I'll share these random scribbles, my warm up for the day ahead. : )